Let’s make these the greatest days of our lives!

There is nothing as freeing or rewarding as traveling while you’re young. All too often, people put off their dream vacation until next year, and before you know it, life has passed you by. Here are 7 reasons why THIS year should be the start of your adventure!

1.  You’ll Make Lifelong Memories

The experiences you’ll have traveling will be the most incredible memories of your life. That breathtaking hike you took in Bali, epic nights in Bangkok, surfing in Australia– these are the days you’re going to remember.

2.  You’ll Make Money

Traveling doesn’t have to mean going broke. The jobs you’ll work abroad will teach you new skills and allow you to live in the most amazing places on earth. With the money you make you’ll buy stocks and bonds and… well mostly pints and plane tickets.

3. You’ll Learn A Ton

When you’re travelling, every day is a new adventure presenting new challenges. You’ll learn how to be a discount flight shark, how to read a subway map, and how to swear in every language. The street smarts you’ll pick up will seriously help you out in life.

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4. You’ll Meet Amazing People

The people I’ve met traveling are some of my best friends in the world. Traveling while you’re young, you’ll meet incredible people from every corner of the globe. When it’s time to go back home you’ll find your vacations just got a whole lot cheaper, your new pals will love having you stay at their homes in Paris, Berlin or California and having a local show you around is way more fun!

5. You Can Travel On The Cheap

Hostel life and overnight transport just don’t have the same allure when you’re 50. Travel while you’re young and easy-going, and you’ll save loads of money.

6. You’ll Get To See Everything Before It’s Underwater

Sea levels are rising and the poles are shrinking. Despite our best efforts there are alot of places that just won’t be the same in the years to come. The maldives are sinking, incredible species are becoming endangered, even the Great Pyramids are experiencing corosion. See it all before it’s too late!

7. You’ll Discover Your Calling

Traveling the world, you’ll be exposed to so many new experiences and cultures. If you keep an open mind, sooner or later you’re going to find something that clicks with you. Your calling is out there somewhere; you just have to go find it!

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